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i needed this. if sakura doesn’t wake up soon like next chapter soon i’m gonna… do something. flip all the tables in my house, probably.

I really want to beat you..but not the you in your curent state!
A battle of power and love..


if u ship narusasu but then not sakuhina then im gonna need u to chill


From yesterday stream


after watching the S2 PV…. after seeing how adorable makoto is with the cat….. i…. i just had to…. UGH MY HUSBAND IS TOO PERFECT 

Interviewer: If you could date one of the females in Naruto, which female would you choose?
Kishi: I feel weird answering that because they are characters that I created.
Interviewer: If you were female, which male character would you dat-
Kishi: Shikamaru.

"There is always some madness in love.
 But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Happy Birthday Ally!

"You’ve fallen, Sasuke.”

Idk man
  • Even though I’m a SS shipper for lifeeeee !!!! 100% #YOLO
  • I think NS is cute
  • But that shit has no real development man. Sorry. Not Sorry. It is what it is. It would be shocking if it became cannon cause… yeah. 
  • SS has such obvious development. Plus its a hot angsty pairing. MMM. YES.  Perfect for each other. 
  • SS Forever ♥
  • #Bye.
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